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Results Management

Bridge the gap between strategy and action with our organisational excellence services

Results Management

Our programme and project management services assist organisations that operate in a project driven environment with planning, estimating, budgeting, resource allocation and time capture. We have developed a tailored methodology for project management, which incorporates Prince II Principles and Processes and adheres to ISO 21500 guidelines and Subjects. These principles ensure that our methodology can be applied regardless of project scale, type, organisation, geography or culture.

The three key focus areas are:

Organisational Effectiveness

Organisations often find themselves unable to operationalize their strategies and fail to reap the rewards of visionary planning. Our operational improvement and excellence services help organisations close the chasm between strategic thought and action. It considers the efficiency with which a company meet its objectives; and coordinates strategy, goals and objectives.

We work closely with our clients to prioritise workforce strategies, creating clarity around context. When people understand the “why” of the organisation and their particular role, they can contribute and perform better.

Our goal is to ensure that:

Procurement Advisory Services

Ensure transparency and fairness with our proactive procurement assurance

Procurement Advisory Services

Supply chain management consulting and advisory services aim to increase long term profitability and maintain competitive advantage. Our end-to-end procurement transformation solution aims deliver improvements while reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Services are focused on the following areas:

Proactive and post procurement assurance:

Ensures that procurement processes are fair, transparent, applied consistently, well understood, well documented and approved. Reduce the risks associated with mega purchases by ensuring that possible risks are identified early and rectified before they can materialise.

Contract negotiation reviews and monitoring:

Ensures that there is a shared understanding, distribution of responsibilities and systems and procedures in place to monitor and control contract performance and effectively deal with potential changes and disputes.

Probity reviews and fraud prevention:

Enables our clients to react rapidly and confidentially, stop illegal activity, safeguard their organisational reputation and good standing, and arrive at a resolution with minimum disruption. Address the threat of procurement fraud and corruption while preventing recurrences through the design and implementation of robust controls.

Wayleave Easement Services

Streamline your property work with our Wayleave application services

Wayleave Easement Services

Wayleaves allow the right to use the property of another without possessing it. It entitles the holder only the right to use such land in a specified manner. An easement is considered as a property right in itself by common law and is treated as a type of property in most jurisdictions.

The application for a Wayleave is necessary for a Utility to monitor and control all work within the affected property so that it conforms with the policy and the Service Delivery Agreement. The issuing of Wayleaves is also necessary to ensure that work done on the property complies with the Code of Practice for work in property and other relevant Acts.

The value of other services in the affected property are often more than that of the property itself and therefore require as much or more maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement. These activities, together with the work that must be carried out on the property itself, result in considerable delays, inconvenience, danger and additional costs to property users. Furthermore, any work that is done in the Affected property can have serious cost implications.

There is therefore a need to ensure careful control and co-ordination of all work in the affected property. This is the duty of the relevant authority who is the custodian of all municipal affected properties. To fulfil this duty, the property authority produced this document that attempts to ensure maximum co-ordination and co-operation between all the various departments and agencies that must share the affected property to provide services to their customers.

We as the Eton Group, in conjunction with Gittens and Youngman (Legal) and Matleng Engineers provide a holistic service which deals with all aspects for this service.

Asset Management and Verification

Efficiently manage your assets for optimal performance and ROI

Asset Management and Verification

Our Asset Management Solution allow our clients to effectively and efficiently manage their physical and software assets. We work towards increased asset performance, decreased risk and optimised expenditure over the complete life cycles of assets and asset systems.

Our asset management capability includes an intimate knowledge of the numerous acts, standards, guidelines and regulations impacting on the management of assets.

The value:


Communicate your message with clarity and creativity through our intelligent infographics


Infographics offer an efficient and innovative way to communicate ideas, data, and knowledge digitally. People tend to forget a significant portion of what they read, but they remember what they see. This is why interesting and meaningful infographics work so well – they trigger the visual information and novelty response in our brains. This leads to longer engagement and improved memory retention. The Eton infographics team takes care of technical and research requirements, data interpretation, content creation, copywriting and graphic design. We specialise in creating effective infographics that tell a compelling story in an instant. Our team of graphic designers, content designers, and research specialists aim to turn your complex material into engaging visuals that are current, fresh, and to the point. We design infographics that extend beyond the scope of mainstream design agencies, providing intelligent and memorable visuals that audiences love. If you’re an innovative company seeking to benefit from the power of infographics, we’re here to help.

Visual communication helps you:

Design Services:








Insights through Analytics​

Harness the power of data with our comprehensive Analytics solutions

Insights through Analytics

Big data analytics offer organisations an opportunity to analyse data in ways never possible before and gain a competetive advantage by unlocking a wealth of valuable information. Many organisations don’t realise the potential of the data they already collect or fail to harnass it due to the costs, complexity or capacity. Big Data has massive amounts of increasingly complex data, which is difficult to process using traditional software techniques due to the volume of data, the variety and velocity at which it must be processed.

Our data anaytics service provides small and large companies with the opportunity to harnass data, with a platform which receives data, performs the analytics and returns the results. make wise, data-driven decisions and reveal strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities that would have otherwise remained hidden.

Services include: