About The Eton Group

Partnering for Your Success: Innovative Consulting Services for Sustainable Growth

The Eton Group is committed to achieving equity in the workplace by promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment. We pay special attention to employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development, and social investment.

Empowering through diversity, skills, and social investment

The Eton Group, formally BDO Consulting Services, are proud to have a current B-BBEE rating of 1 and is currently 60% Black Owned, of which 40% is Disabled Black Women Owned. The Eton Group offers a range of specialist professional services to the private and public sector.

Vision & Mission

The Eton Group’s mission is to maximize quality of service and provide economies of scale for clients through professional human capital that promotes ethical business conduct. Their vision is to become the biggest black-owned consulting company with a full staff of technical experts. The company aims to differentiate themselves by providing a high level of professional and technical service while partnering closely with clients to tailor solutions to their needs. Client relations, maintenance, and networking are important to ensure lasting relationships and to deliver unique solutions that ultimately increase clients’ bottom line.

Skills development

The Eton Group contributes to the South African economy by providing learnerships to its staff to become chartered accountants. The company encourages its internal audit staff to continue their education by pursuing CIA and CISA certifications and attending IIA and other training courses. In addition to internal skills development, The Eton Group offers various training courses throughout the year to equip people with the necessary skills to positively impact the country’s future growth.

Preferential procurement

The Eton Group, like other firms in the accountancy profession, is essentially a fourth level educational institution. The vast majority of our staff enters the firm to undertake and complete learnerships in order to go on and qualify as chartered accountants, and they then move out into commerce. As a result, we are a contributor of skills to the broader South African economy. We therefore encourage our internal audit staff to further their studies. We further provide support for them to follow the CIA and CISA certifications during their career at The Eton Group. In addition, annual attendance of IIA and other training courses as identified from staff’s career counselling are mandatory.

Preferential procurement

The Eton Group has implemented a procurement policy that aligns with South Africa’s economic empowerment objectives. The company has made a conscious decision to prioritise purchases from black empowered suppliers when procurement is discretionary. In accordance with this policy, the company aims to procure goods and services from companies with a Level 4 contributor status or those that are black-owned micro enterprises, whenever possible.

Enterprise development

The Eton Group is committed to collaborating with emerging firms within their profession and has established formal strategic alliances with black firms to jointly perform assignments in both external and internal audit spaces. The company also recognises the importance of contributing to society beyond their profession and focuses on capacity building for black-owned firms outside of their profession. This includes providing training or mentoring to increase the operational or financial capacity of beneficiary entities. The Tax business unit currently runs VAT and PAYE training schools that are open to all, and the company is exploring ways to reduce the cost of training for black-owned firms and small enterprises.

Social investment

The Eton Group places great importance on community interests and adheres to best governance practices. The company is deeply committed to promoting sustainable empowerment and takes an active role in supporting the projects it endorses. While the firm supports several initiatives on a national level, it has also identified and participates in local projects. The company’s core belief is that a strong, empowered community is one that flourishes, and they remain dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the communities they engage with.

Some of our Past and Current Clients

Our clients include a number of large Public Sector entities at all levels, as well as local subsidiaries of AIM, FTSE, TSX and ASX listed entities, JSE-listed entities and some of the country’s most innovative entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals: